Avalon Records

Bellingham's finest source for new & used vinyl & CDs, smoke accessories and decor since 1987.


Avalon Records

Bellingham's finest source for new & used vinyl & CDs, smoke accessories and decor since 1987.


1330 Railroad Ave
Bellingham, WA 98225
(360) 676-9573

Mon-Sat 9:30-8:00

Sunday 11:00-6:00

Located in beautiful downtown Bellingham, Avalon is your place for the best things in life. Things like hundreds of highly curated new and used LPs and CDs, headphones, even a couple of record players. We're also Bellingham's best source for posters, tapestries, stickers and incense to make your hole a home.

We also  house the most comprehensive selection of smoking accessories from high end vaporizers to corncob pipes.

Basically the best one-stop shop this side of heaven.


The Latest

A portal into the world of Avalon.


The Latest

A portal into the world of Avalon.

Record Store Day!

Saturday April 16th  9:00am - 7:00pm


Plans are finalized and hopes for a good fill are high as we sail into RSD 2016.  Join us for a celebration of vinyl culture and the continued improbable existence of physical record stores.  We'll have lots of exclusive releases available and some hold backs from RSD's past, all at original and reasonable prices.  Shoot us an email later in the week to see if we got the gem you're wanting.  No holds, but you'll know if its worth it to get in the line that starts forming around 7:30.  Tons of deals to be had and live music outside as well.  We're even raffling off an exclusive RSD record player.  Enter in the store now for free and be present for the 4:00 drawing to win.  Chris has also been hard at work pricing a vast amount of quality used LPs to hit the floor as well; Danny Elfman, Esquivel, Morphine, Gong, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Art Ensemble of Chicago, original Goblin (several), complete discographies of Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Neil Young, Dylan,  cool indy stuff from early 2000's, and so much more.  Here's the breakdown...

The Music

Willy Reavis & his Weary Boys  12:00

Local Ghost  1:00

Boss Rhino  2:00

Machine Animal  3:00

Baby Cakes  4:00

The deals

$2 off all used LPs $2.99 and up

Many new LPs on a special one day sale

$10 off all LP box sets

$10 off all record players

All cheapo .99 vinyl is half off

Our new shirts on sale

The rsd Exclusives

A comprehensive list isn't really possible until the product arrives.  That happens in stages all thru the week.  Send us an email and we'll try to get back to you and let you know once we know.  You can always give us a call too.


Thank you Bellingham and planet Earth for our continued presence.  We do what we do out of love.



RSD post script

RSD was a total success!  Thanks to all who came and shared in the good times.  

We still have some exclusive releases left, shoot us a line if you're looking for anything in particular.


New releases. Reissues. Special editions. Used gems we just found... 

Smoke accessories

Everything under the sun to keep you rollin' in this brave new world of legalization. 

The newest in decor

Need to set the mood? Posters, tapestries, stickers, incense, posters. Did we mention posters?